We are a nonprofit, all-volunteer radio station and are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as a low-power (100 watt) FM (frequency modulation) station with an assigned frequency of 91.3 MHz (megahertz). Our license is owned by the city of Ocean Shores.





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Tune your radio to KOSW 91.3 FM for all your favorite music, talk, and up-to-date community information. You'll find out what is happening not only in Ocean Shores, but throughout the North Beach area. On KOSW you can hear interviews, gardening tips, and much more. Music selections span all genres, from pop to bluegrass to jazz to rock, and include songs from around the world. We play recorded music from 1905 up through tomorrow (yes, we even play unreleased recordings). All these programs are made possible thanks to the many dedicated volunteers and generous donations of this community.

Top 40! KOSWLP made Paste Magazines top 40 Low power US radio stations.

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